CFE Bidding

For Bogard Group it is important to highlight their success stories as they are part of the effort and dedication of each of the collaborators who participated in it.


In this case the company was part of a competition created by the CFE company, subsequently with the help of the sales and logistics staff the necessary documents were made from both the administrative documentation part and the commercial proposal.

When everything was ready, the documents were uploaded to the CFE portal, a 2-day wait was taken to get the results and know which Bogard Group was the winner of that bidding. A follow-up was followed up to have the necessary documents signed to deliver the services to the customer, who was satisfied by the work of the collaborators from the part of the sale, relationship with the customer and implementation of the service.

This project offers different benefits to the customer, mainly economic because thanks to our services, CFE can have its equipment in good condition and with that they will be able to avoid having plant shutdowns.