How to improve energy efficiency?








Energy Efficiency seeks to protect the environment by reducing energy intensity while maintaining the same levels of energy comfort before applying the reduction. It ensures energy supply and promotes sustainability, it also has too many benefits such as the reduction of pollution thanks to the reduction of energy consumption, but the greatest of all is that there is an immediate economic saving.


Improving efficiency increases the competitiveness of our companies and businesses, so the production of our product or service is cheaper by reducing the associated electrical costs. This is another way to improve competitiveness without having to reduce wages.


Today we have more and more electrical appliances, both at home and in the office. We use many devices for countless different applications, from all kinds of appliances to video players, images, TV, telephone, tablets, browsers, all of them powered by electricity. The electricity cost, therefore, is increased due to the greater number of electrical appliances and devices on the one hand and as a consequence of the continuous increase in the price of electricity on the other, being the latter reason the one that has caused greater increases for a few years.


How can we reduce the electricity cost while still using the devices we need or lose quality of life?

The solution to this problem is to improve energy efficiency, whether at home, in the office or in the industry. Applying energy saving and efficiency measures can reduce consumption and thus the economic cost of electricity.


There are many things that can be done to improve energy efficiency. Doing an energy audit is one of the first measures that can be taken. Even if it is a home or a small business, auditing the energy situation is the first step before taking more relevant measures. It is very possible that surprises are found when performing the audit or problems that have not been considered are detected. In the same way there are some energy saving measures that can be taken without any audit. 

You could resort to ecofriendly solutions that, in addition to helping the  environment, could help your economy.

Photovoltaic systems will continue the future development in a direction to become a key factor in the production of electricity for households and buildings in general. The systems are installed on existing roofs and/or are integrated into the facade. These systems contribute to reducing energy consumption in buildings.

Bogard Energy Solutions has extensive experience in the field of photovoltaic systems. This has made us a specialized provider, as well as an advisor to government institutions.