Pemex Alkylation Plant








The rental of a corrective maintenance service to Gutor systems, installation of emergency luminaires and service to physical ground systems was carried out. Bogard Energy Group was present at Pemex Rent with location in Minatitlán. When doing the surveys and recordings at the Pemex plant, it was discovered that they had equipment turned off with failure, as well as the need for new lights to have better lighting in the work area. Subsequently, it is established that corrective maintenance should be carried out within the plant, as well as remanufacturing facilities for loaders and equipment upgrades.




The objective of Bogard Energy Group was to guarantee the reliability of the processes supported by the Gutor systems, as well as to install emergency luminaires that help in the night operation of the plant. To perform this service in Pemex, select the update of the Blackbird control card, as well as the update of several sections of the systems, for the theme of lighting dialight luminaire is installed. This technology will be used to innovate the equipment with a lower cost. It also offers a more reliable operation and integration of improved control protocols. This project lasted 4 months and is currently still valid. At the end of this maintenance, we seek to have more future projects with this company updating all its missing equipment.