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APC Symmetra LX

APC Symmetra LX

Double conversion online energy protection with high levels of availability, redundancy and scalability.


  • It offers high levels of availability through redundant batteries.

  • Automatically starts connected equipment when the network is reconnected.

  • It provides line power to the connected loads in case the UPS unit suffers an overload or failure.

  • It guarantees that a pure and uninterrupted supply arrives to the protected equipment during the replacement of batteries.


  • Guarantees compatibility with different input frequencies.

  • It allows to increase autonomy quickly when needed.

  • Protection

  • Allows quick recovery after overload events.

  • Provides temporary power through the battery when the mains supply is interrupted.


  • It allows updating and replacing intelligence modules in a simple way.

  • It allows updating and replacing power modules in a simple way.

  • Warns when a battery is not available to offer backup supply.

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