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Walmart Sales Floor

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

Bogard Energy Solutions was present in the sales floor of the company “Walmart”, here I am part of the Fire Detection project of that company.

This project was carried out for the Walmart company, as mentioned above, as well as in its other formats which are:

Walmart Sales Floor

• Bodega Aurrera • My Bodega Aurrera • My Bodega Aurrera express

Within the project they installed 10 smoke sensors (Bosch) in the “My Bodega Aurrera” formats, as well as the installation of OSIE detectors for the larger formats which are “My Bodega” and “Bodega Aurrera”. On the other hand, there was a service to change boards to 14 units from Maxis to Bosch.

This project has lasted 3 months and is currently still in force and in practice. In that time 13 crews have been made.

Thanks to this service, different states of Mexico have been covered, such as:

• Coahuila • Morelos • Puebla • CDMX • Guanajuato • Querétaro • Michoacán

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