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Gutor PXP

The Gutor PXP with its PFC rectifier (Power Factor Correction) will drastically reduce the THDi to a very low level.

With its robust design, it also fits the requirements for harsh environments as faced in Oil & Gas and other heavy industries.


  • Reliability

Platform with large installation base and many years of proven field reliability. Decentralized control architecture for increased reliability. Redundant and individually monitored fans.

  • Small Footprint

Smallest footprint on the market among industrial UPS systems. Ideal for applications with limited available space.

  • Low THDi

PFC rectifier dramatically reduces input harmonics (< 5 %THDi), minimizing distortion to upstream equipment.


  • Oil & Gas, Petrochemical (onshore, offshore, pipelines, refining, FPSO)

  • Power generation, including transmission and distribution

  • Mining

  • Water treatment including desalination

  • Transport

  • Chemical industry

  • Other industrial applications

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