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Photovoltaic Systems

What is it?

A photovoltaic system is a set of devices that take advantage of the energy produced by the sun and convert it into electrical energy.

How do they work?

Photovoltaic systems base their operation on the photoelectric effect to convert light energy from the sun into electrical energy. This process of generating renewable electricity does not pollute, does not emit harmful gases, its maintenance is minimal and does not generate annoying noise. The photovoltaic technology is totally reliable and its installation in residences and industries is very simple.

Photovoltaic systems will continue the future development in a direction to become a key factor in the production of electricity for households and buildings in general. The systems are installed on existing roofs and/or are integrated into the facade. These systems contribute to reducing energy consumption in buildings

Bogard Energy Solutions has extensive experience in the field of photovoltaic systems. This has made us a specialized provider, as well as an advisor to government institutions

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