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Stages of Turnkey Project

A Turnkey Project has the intention of offering a complete service to the client, being the company the one that performs all the necessary phases for the installation of each system or operation, with this the client does not have to carry out any activity within this service.

A turnkey project has different stages to perform a complete and service quality, which are:

  • Design: The need of the consumer is identified, through observation or interview and thus obtain ideas to know which system is the right one for the client. A sketch is delivered with specifications and proposals that professionals believe are indicated for their need.

  • Engineering: A layout is made where the connections are located, the sizing of the pipes, wires, racks, etc. In this same step, the system is tested and its acceptance is sought.

  • Consulting: Start at any point in the cycle, is the advice and consulting that engineers give as experts in the field.

  • Installation: The assembly of equipment, devices, feeders, etc. is carried out.

  • Start (Commissioning): Once the installation is ready, a network is created and started up, where all the devices and equipment must be included in the network.


  • Maintenance: It is done from the beginning to the end, looking for the optimization of the system, so that there are guarantees with the supplier and manufacturer.

Stages of Turnkey Project

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