Tenaris Electric Path II








TAMSA is a privately held productive company and belongs to the Tenaris Corporation worldwide, its manufacturing and data management processes are critical, therefore, operational continuity is vital to achieve their goals and avoid unplanned shutdowns. Bogard Group has been selected as having a high standard in its work and being a certified supplier to TAMSA.

In this successful case the company was invited by “Tenaris TAMSA"; to satisfy that great need which is to maintain the operational continuity of the “Data Center"; of the company in the city of Veracruz, the objective is to maintain operational continuity under any contingency condition, choosing the Schneider technology and having homogeneity in the solution.

Knowing the customer's need, Bogard Group proposes a plan to satisfy and fulfill it, based on a master plan for long-term modernization of the TAMSA Data Center, starting with the supply and installation of 2 air conditioning units of 43 tons of chilled water cooling, to ensure temperature and humidity conditions for the equipment housed in the Data Center, each Schneider brand, model UNIFLAIR TDCV4300G.

Subsequently, a first Electric Path was installed with a Symmetra PX UPS of 125 KVA with growth to 250 KVA, these were supported with a generator of 600 KVA, interconnected with electric panels, type Smart panel, with metallic cabinets.

Bogard Group is currently in the process of supplying and installing a second electric Path, which consists of a UPS identical to the first (Symmetra PX from 125 KVA with growth to 250 KVA) with an electrical panel, smart panel, metal cabinet.

In the same way, the installation of a Chiller of 80 tons of cooling with ice water is in process, which is dedicated to the Data Center and is supported with the existing Chillers in the building.

This technology was chosen because previously there was an electrical Path installed as part of the integrated solution, consisting of a 125 KVA UPS to protect and backup the electronic equipment of the Data Center mentioned above.

Equipment based on Schneider technology can be monitored in real time with Schneider's Struxure tools and solution set.