Ternium Monterrey








Bogard Group is not limited to only small projects, but is fighting for large projects, as well as seeking a greater presence in the market. In this case we will talk about one of those Bogard group success stories which is "Ternium Monterrey".

The Ternium Monterrey project began in August 2018.

Subsequently there was a process to manage the necessary procedures so that the employees could enter the plant, these necessary procedures took time from August to October of last year, so that they could get in at the beginning of October.

In November the sales area entered the project, from here began to create a program of visits in order to have the control of movements.
The contract that Ternium Monterrey signed was directed toward maintenance of equipment, supplies and facilities of UPS.

Currently the Bogard Group team has been working with the Ternium company for 6 months, this is a great success story for the company as it managed to make the sale in less time, as well as sold a little more than expected. It was also possible to create a reliable environment with customers by offering quality and efficiency with the equipment and services offered.